Thermo Scientific Series Midi 3404 DH (Direct Heat)

Midi 3404 DH (Direct Heat)

The Midi 40 provides convenient personalized culture space for undisturbed incubation conditions and avoidance of contamination risk associated with shared incubator arrangements. It is also ideal for small-sample throughput requirements. Less than 24 in. (61cm) wide, the compact Midi features digital read-out and alphanumeric displays to simplify operation and monitoring.

IntrLogic II Microprocessor Control

  • Factory calibration maintains accurate thermal gas performance
  • Microprocessor-based automatic thermal conductivity CO2 control
  • Three-button touchpad control and setpoint security
  • Comprehensive alarm system with audible and visual alerts monitors temperature and CO2 functions
  • Temperature range: 5°C above ambient to 60°C
  • Temperature control ±0.1°C
  • EasyView* highly visible vacuum-fluorescent display


  • Reinforced cabinet permits stacking
  • Scratch-resistant, high-impact painted finish for easy cleaning
  • Solid outer door closes gently against the cabinet with a magnetic gasket
  • Tempered glass inner door is heated by outer door to prevent condensation
  • Nonporous silicon gasket maintains chamber integrity
  • Seamless stainless-steel interior chamber
  • Radiant wall heating provides accurate, uniform temperature with natural air convection
  • Four stainless steel shelves
  • Heated, removable humidity pan generates RH values to 95% with rapid recovery rates to promote optimal cell growth

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Midi 3404 DH
40 liters
Electrical voltage
230V 50/60Hz
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