Poly Temp Service

Polytemp-service is the service organization of Poly Temp Scientific BV. Its staff specializes in:

  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezers -40°C to -150°C
  • Plasma Freezers -40°C to -45°C
  • Auto Defrost Freezers -35°C http://polytemp.rswebhosting.nl/
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators +4°C
  • Pharmacy and Chromatography Refrigerators +4°C
  • Laboratory Refrigerators +4°C
  • CO2 Incubators

stek main logoAll service technicians are STEK certified. STEK is a Dutch standard and stands for "foundation for emission prevention of refrigeration technology". STEK certification is mandatory by Dutch law.


Polytemp Service is the training center for refrigeration technicians of service organizations who work closely with either Poly Temp Scientific BV or one of its many Revco distributors.

If you need any kind of support please contact our office