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Cascade Refrigeration System

  • Assures unprecedented temperature reliability for the most critical storage applications
  • Designed specifically for use in ultra-low temperature freezers
  • 2 Custom Designed 1 hp Compressors - Provides displacement required for optimum efficiency
  • Lubricating oils maintain proper viscosity
  • Balanced condensers and fans complement the cooling capacity of refrigerants

Microprocessor Control

  • Over Temperature Safety Alarm System and Battery Backup - Warns of elevated storage temperatures
  • Exterior Alarm Contacts - Permit connection to remote monitoring system.
  • Easy to Read Digital Temperature Display - Shows setpoint and temperature at the push of a button
  • Automatic Voltage Boost - Compensates for low voltage and brown out conditions
  • Adjustable Temperature Control - Provides optimal temperature and service flexibility


  • Cold Rolled Steel Cabinets
  • Composite Wall Design -  5" ( 12.7 cm )
  • Key Lock / Padlock Accommodation for extra security
  • Integrated Door Handle and Latch - Provides easy, one-handed operation
  • 5 Inner Doors Independently Mounted with Adjustable Hinges - Creates 5 individual storage compartments for optimal organization
  • Pressure Equalization Port and Full-Time Vacuum Relief - Allows rapid re-entry after door closings.
  • Stainless Steel Breakers and Hot Gas Halo - Heats around perimeter of cabinet minimize frost build-up
  • 4 Shelves - 1 Fixed and 3 Adjustable  Shelves allow for varying inventory configurations
  • Heavy Duty Swivel Casters
  • 1"(2,5 CM) Diameter Access Port - For easy access through the wall
  • CFC-Free Refrigerant
  • Meets UL, ULC, CE and TUV Standards for Safety and Performance


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Product Info

793 liters

Product specifications

Exterior depth
988 mm
Exterior width
1189 mm
Exterior height
1979 mm
Shippingweight Gross
494 kg
Temperature Range
-50 C to -86 C
Interior depth
686 mm
Interior width
930 mm
Interior height
1308 mm
Electrical voltage
2" Box Capacity
Holds 600 boxes