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IntrLogic Microprocessor Control

This unit features enhanced digital electronic technology designed to simplify operation and deliver greater accuracy
Adjustable temperature control, range +1 C to +8 C, factory pre-set to +4 C
Icon-based controls and displays include graphic references for universal operation
Setpoint security with key- operated triple-position master switch controls power to all systems for added safety
Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature and power failure, with visual status reports on critical functions
Graphic thermometer confirms proper operation at-a-glance, shows normal, high or low temperature condition; steady green for normal, flashing top bar for overtemperature, flashing bulb for undertemperature
Advanced defrost sensor manages the defrost cycle, minimizing trace amounts of frost build-up to maintain refrigeration coil efficiency
Enlarged digital display, resolution to within 0.1 C, improves visibility
Alarm silence, ringback and automatic reset functions
Push button alarm test verifies sensor continuity
Battery backup assures control panel function during power failure
Remote alarm contacts

Cabinet Construction and Inventory System

Full extension stainless steel drawers, fully adjustable
Full view glass door(s), double pane construction eliminates condensation; spring-loaded closures include 90 stay open feature
High-density, CFC-free urethane foam insulation protects cabinet from ambient temperature fluctuations and minimizes operating costs
Positive, forced-air circulation maintains temperature uniformity at all shelf levels
Directional air flow assures quick recovery after door openings
Interior cabinet lights with door activated on/off switch, plus independent switch on control panel
Self-closing doors close against closed-cell peripheral gasket
Door locking provision
Adjustable leveling feet standard; optional casters are available
Smooth scratch resistant painted interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning


Refrigeration System

Heavy duty, industrial-grade, hermetically sealed compressors
Automatic defrost maintains optimum cooling capacity
Automatic condensate removal; no drain lines required


Optional Accessories

Voltage safeguard, free standing
Built-in 6" (152 mm), 7-day circular chart recorder
Access port, 2" (50 mm) diameter, with cover
Stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces
2" (50 mm) casters
Additional shelves
Additional drawers
Heated glass doors and door swing variations are available


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Product Info

826 liters

Product specifications

Exterior depth
925 mm
Exterior width
864 mm
Exterior height
2012 mm
Shippingweight Net
202 kg
Shippingweight Gross
227 kg
single, glass
Temperature Range
1° to 8°C
Interior depth
737 mm
Interior width
762 mm
Interior height
1473 mm
Electrical voltage
Shelves: Full
Shelves: Half