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RGL/REL 404V Revco High-Performance Lab Refrigerators | Glass door 4 ° C


High-quality laboratory refrigerators with glass doors

  • Available in four sizes from 133L to 2231L
  • Available in both undercounter and cabinet model
  • Forced air circulation for faster temperature recovery

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Most important features

  • Available in 7 capacities and single, double and three-door.
  • 1297L units (REL4504V) have double sliding glass doors, foot-mounted controls and cooling systems, independent switch-activated lights and two-wheeled 2 "(5 cm) swivel wheels instead of adjustable feet
  • Adjustable temperatures between 1 ° and 8 ° C (factory set to 4 ° C)
  • Automatic defrosting and condensate removal

Microprocessor control

  • Digital electronic technology designed to simplify operation and provide greater accuracy
  • Icon-based controls
  • Large, easy-to-read digital display of the temperature within 0.1 ° C
  • Graphical thermometer is green continuously when the temperature is normal, the upper temperature bar is flashing too high and the low temperature lamp is flashing
  • Sensor automatically starts defrost cycle on request, eliminating the need for a defrost timer, minimizing frost build-up and optimizing the efficiency of the coil

Alarm system

  • Audible / visual warnings for temperature deviations or power outages
  • Key operated ON / OFF / ALARM ON main switch for setpoint protection
  • Push button alarm test and external alarm contacts
  • Silent silence, callback and automatic reset
  • Controller battery backup system
  • Alarm set points are preset to warn of temperature deviations at 5.5 ° C above temperature and 1.5 ° C below temperature

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