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Thermo Scientific Mechanical Cryogenic Freezer ULT7150-9 | -150 ° C

Thermo Scientific

Cryogenic storage without the use of liquid nitrogen

  • These freezers offer mechanical cryo-preservation for long-term biological storage
  • Uniform temperature of -150 ° C (safe under crystallisation temperature)
  • Capacity of 144 50mm boxes

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  • The uniformity of the top-to-bottom temperature is more stable compared to LN 2 vapor
  • The viability of the cells has improved because thermal reactions do not occur
  • System offers manual defrost
  • Avaliable in 220/240V, 50Hz & 380V, 50Hz

Cooling system:

  • Exclusive mixed refrigerant autocascade with a single, orbital air-cooled compressor
  • Downfeed evaporator
  • Air-cooled condenser with high capacity and double condenser fans
  • Washable capacitor filter

IntrLogic ™ microprocessor control system:

  • Touchpad data input with digital display of all functions
  • Key operated main power and alarm switch for setpoint protection
  • Set points adjustable in steps of 1 ° C
  • Independent operating temperature and alarm functions for high / low limit

Alarm system:

  • Power failure or temperature deviation triggers an audible and visual warning.
  • Automatic Incident Monitor identifies the temperature deviation outside alarm setpoints.
  • The system includes an adjustable safety alarm with automatic, continuous battery backup and digital battery indicator.
  • System includes touchpad alarm test function RS-232 data port with system software.
  • External alarm contacts for connection to remote monitoring system.
Access to security Key lock
Card recorder 7 days Optional
Data outputs 4-20mA, dry contacts - stancard
Check Push button LED
Capacity (metric) 193L
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior 73.7 x 147.4 x 108.6 cm
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 48.3 x 59.7 x 67.4 cm
Temperature range -150 ° C
Type Mechanical cryogen, box freezer
Electrical requirements 230V 50Hz,/ 380V, 50Hz
Interior Powder coated steel
Door (Valve) Heavy-duty valve with integrated key lock and insulated inner covers
Regulatory approvals CE
Smart View compatibility SmartView compatible
Setpoint security Yes, with alarm
Unit weight (metric) 351kg
Voltage compensation Buck / Boost
Water cooled Optional
Amperage 23A / 11A
Capacity 10.3 cu. ft., 292L
Hertz 50hz
keeps 144 50mm boxes
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Fashion model Thermo Scientific
Shipping weight (metric) 374kg
Backup systems LN2 optional

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