Poly Temp Scientific

Labselect Basic Lab Refrigerator | 4°C | PTSL1400GR

  • Adjustable from 2°C to 8°C, factory setting 4°C
  • Composed on the basis of experience of lab managers, analysts and refrigeration technicians
  • Audible and visual alert in case of temperature deviation, sensor failure or power failure

TSX Series Energy-efficient Chromatography Refrigerator 5°C | TSX4505CV

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Simple setup and full access to chromatography instrumentation

TSX Series Energy-efficient Laboratory Fridge | 5°C TSX4505GV

  • For the storage of media, reagents, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical and other medical storage
  • With V-Drive Technology
  • Forced air circulation for uniformity on all shelf heights
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    Robert van der Kuijlen

    International Sales Director