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New generation TSX! Looks the same, better performance

7 May 2024

With more than 80 years of innovation for ULT freezers, Thermo Scientific presents a new generation, namely: the TSX Universal. The new TSX has a wider temperature range, is even more economical, quieter and has a faster D.O.R. (door open recovery). Also, the new line has a universal voltage from 100 to 230V, hence the name to this new generation TSX.

Temperature range expanded by 10 degrees

The old generation TSX Series ULT has a temperature range of -50°C to -80°C. With this new generation TSX, the temperature range has been extended by 10 degrees, from -40°C to -80°C. As a result, the new line offers an expansion in our temperature range in ULT freezers. The user has more options with this new generation TSX Series ULT and one can use the ULT freezer for even more applications.

Enhanced V-Drive compressor technology

Adaptive V-Drive compressor technology had already been applied to the TSX Series ULT and was designed to adapt to user patterns. With this new generation, Thermo has updated the variable speed, improved the intelligent algorithms and optimized the hardware. With these modifications, the TSX Universal has faster pull-down and recovery times after opening the door. Also, the new generation offers better uniformity, stability and smaller peak variation. In addition, the new generation is even quieter. All variants produce a noise level below 44 dB(A).

Continued sustainability development with new generation

Thermo continues to optimize in making their equipment more sustainable. Part of that is improving energy efficiency. The TSX Universal Series achieves better performance while consuming less energy.  Compared to the previous generation, the new generation is up to 33% more efficient. As a result, the consumption costs are much lower than its predecessor.

The table below summarizes the improvements between the new and old generation TSX Series ULT:


View the new generation TSX Universal here

Learn more about the new generation TSX Universal in the brochure

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