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New Labselect freezer and refrigerator brand launched

3 November 2020

When putting together our own line of refrigerators and freezers, in addition to our own experience we mainly listened to the wishes of lab managers, analysts and technicians from the lab. The goal to create a qualitatively stable but at the same time cost attractive refrigerator and freezer has succeeded. This has resulted in the Labselect Basic series. The refrigerators and freezers have various features that make it a complete solution for cold storage at 4°C and -20°C.

Stability, user-friendliness and safety for the stored material are characteristics of this new series. The temperature stability and uniformity are excellent for the storage of routine material. The cabinets are standard equipped with a back-up battery and internal LED lighting. The digital controller gives visible and audible alarms in case of temperature fluctuations, power failure or sensor failure.

Specsheet Labselect Freezers         

Specsheet Labselect Refrigerators (Solid door)

Specsheet Labselect Refrigerators (Glass door)

Please contact Robert van der Kuijlen for more information

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