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19 Mar

Celebrating 35 years of partnership

Poly Temp Scientific has been a reliable partner for 35 years for distribution and service of Thermo equipment in Europe. During the frequent meeting that took place with Thermo Scientific in Asheville, a milestone was celebrated. The anniversary was celebrated with cake and a word of thanks was expressed by the management of Thermo.

The good relationship is emphasized by the fact that Director Robert van der Kuijlen gave a 'Voice-of-customer' presentation last week, to optimize production processes to ensure the high quality standard. As a testing facility and distributor in Europe, Poly Temp regularly comes up with ideas for developing the products which are then evaluated with the production team, product management and engineering. In this way we work together on an ever better product for the end user. With representation from all layers of the organisation, we work together to ensure a successful cooperation in the future.

Foto: from left to right; Mitch Coyne (VP/GM CTT), Robert van der Kuijlen (Owner & CEO Poly Temp), Alex Esmon (Director ULT), Joe Arteaga (Product Director) and Bill McMahon (President LPD)  

The cooperation that has been ongoing since 1984 ensures that there is a solid foundation for the future. The anniversary of Poly Temp will also receive the necessary attention in the Netherlands this year. This will be accompanied by special actions and product offers. Please keep a close eye on our communication channels.

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Robert van der Kuijlen

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