Poly Temp Scientific

Quality and Certifications

Authorized Economic Operator
The AEO status offers a number of general benefits (including fewer controls, priority in controls, choice of control location, faster and easier issuance of customs permits). These benefits can considerably speed up the logistical handling of our goods. Another advantage is the international impact. Similar chain-security initiatives exist in the other trading blocks in the world.

Also, our AEO status requires a control system for compliance with the requirements. In this way fewer errors are made in customs handling and the applicable laws and regulations are constantly being complied with.


STEK Certified
We are certified by the Dutch regulator according to the STEK standards. The STEK certificate is the basis for all refrigeration activities. The STEK General Requirements always form the basis of the certificate. These requirements relate to quality, durability and safety. These requirements can also largely be demonstrated by other recognised quality certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (sustainability) and a VCA company certificate (safety). This indicates that work on the refrigeration equipment is carried out in accordance with the latest legislation and with sufficient knowledge.

Thermo Scientific Authorized Distributor 

Because of our knowledge and years of collaboration, Poly Temp Scientific has become autohorized distrubtor of Thermo products. This gives us several advantages when it comes to delivery, repair and product support from the factory. As a knowledge partner, we participate in annual voice-of-customer meetings to ensure the quality of products and services.



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Robert van der Kuijlen

International Sales Director