The history of REVCO

Revco brand products were first manufactured by Revco Scientific, founded in 1938. Revco (for Refrigerated Equipment Vending COmpany) built its first -40ºC low temperature freezer for the aircraft industry during World War II. In response to the post-war demand for high quality, ultra low temperature equipment for life science and industrial laboratories, Revco ceased manufacturing residential and commercial refrigeration, and began concentrating solely on the laboratory market. Since the late 1940’s, Revco has been a strong force in design, manufacture, technology and service.

Environmental Protection and Product Performance

cfcIn an effort to minimize the impact of fluorocarbons on the environment, Revco maintains an active, comprehensive program to utilize CFC-Free refrigerants, insulation, and packaging as identified by the Montreal Protocol. Revco introduced our first CFC-Free refrigerators and freezers in 1992. These products were released to the marketplace following extensive collaborative research involving major refrigerant and compressor manufacturers. CFC-Free refrigerants were integrated into our product line only after they were proven capable of delivering top performance without sacrificing reliability or compromising our rigid standards.

Design Philosophy

With over 60 years of experience in serving the life science and industrial laboratory market, Revco has gained a valuable understanding of the wide range of operating conditions found in the lab environment. This insight has led to freezer and refrigerator improvements such as

  • microprocessor-based control, alarm and monitoring systems
  • greater voltage tolerance for refrigeration and electrical components
  • a balanced combination of refrigeration power and cabinet insulation required to maintain stable temperatures under varying heat loads and ambient temperatures.
  • state-of-the art refrigerants and lubricating oils selected specifically for laboratory equipment applications

In addition, Revco has collaborated with our customers, professional societies and regulatory agencies to develop industry-wide standards for safety, inventory control, and temperature monitoring techniques which provide valuable lead time in cases of power failure.

Quality, Performance, Value and Selection

The Revco product family now represents one of the most extensive selections of freezers and refrigerators in the world. Our product line is carefully selected to meet consumer demand for quality and value. Revco ultra-low temperature freezers, for example, include many standard features which are marketed in an array of feature/value levels to suit your application and budget. All Revco ultra-low freezers, however, meet key performance criteria over specified temperature ranges.


Safety and performance for your laboratory and your Revco product are integral to total customer satisfaction. Our continuing investment in safety is reinforced by an aggressive third party certification program. All Revco products are designed and constructed to meet UL, CSA and many international standards for safety and performance.