About Poly Temp Scientific

Mission statement

Everyone who works at Poly Temp Scientific BV strives to achieve customer satisfaction by offering their customers and dealers the best personal assistance and service regarding purchase, delivery, maintenance and sales of REVCO products. To achieve this, we have embedded three core values in our organisation.

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Relationship

Local dealers

We have local dealers in most European countries who are trained, supported and supplied by Poly Temp. Areas where we are not locally represented are directly supplied from the service and distribution centre in Holland. Because our products line consists mainly of very sophisticated state-of-the-art technological equipment and the potentially life saving ability it possesses we take great care in being able to provide support and service in any area, place or country.

Delivering REVCO to you for over 30 years

Poly Temp Scientific BV was founded in The Netherlands in the early 1980s and has a long record of distributing REVCO products from the United States. In the beginning we represented REVCO in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia, nowadays we mainly focus on the European Market. In the course of history we have established relations with a wide variety of customers and we take great pride in supplying organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO), The International Red Cross and many hospitals. Read more about the history of REVCO...