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  • Easy-to-use microprocessor control panel
  • Message center: 12-character alphanumeric LED displays setpoints, system status and alarm messages
  • LED Digital Temperature Display for easy and accurate readings
  • A visual LED screen is used for setting modes and alarm conditions
  • Setpoints for both high and low temperature
  • Access code to ensure setpoint security
  • Visual and Audible Alarms included for temperature deviation from your high and low set points, power failure, hot condenser, and low battery on the control system
  • Heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel exterior construction with a powder coat paint finish that resists chipping and rust
  • 5 in. (127mm) foamed-in-place, polyurethane insulation
  • Optional built-in chart recorder or data logger for continuous monitoring
  • Stainless steel interior will not rust or corrode
  • Easy-to-remove, washable air filter provides protection from dust on condenser, reducing the risk of refrigeration malfunction or risk to samples
  • Lockable lid
  • Convenient interior covers minimize sample exposure to outside conditions
  • Inner sub-lids protect bulk samples from ambient exposure during single sample retrievals
  • Made with the latest energy-efficient, HFC refrigerants and a leading manufacturer's compressor
  • Industrial Grade Compressors are designed uniquely for the high and low stages of the Revco cascade refrigeration system
  • Dry alarm contacts are included for connection to a remote alarm system
  • Optional CO2 or LN2 safety back-up system for additional protection in the event of a power or mechanical failure
  • RS-485 and 4-20 milliamp analog outputs for independent monitoring devices and recorders
  • Heavy duty casters, wheel design for smooth mobility
  • Applications: Long-term storage of biological and chemical samples.


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  • CxF -40C and -86C Chest Freezers Operating Manual English
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Product Info

84 liters

Product specifications

Exterior depth
732 mm
Exterior width
724 mm
Exterior height
1113 mm
Shippingweight Gross
179,5 kg
Temperature Range
-10 C to -40 C
Interior depth
470 mm
Interior width
470 mm
Interior height
419 mm
Electrical voltage
2" Box Capacity
Holds 63 boxes