UxF50086V (available until December 2017) http://polytemp.com/media/reviews/photos/thumbnail/250x350s/44/c5/18/154_cs-uxf50086-open-1333564893.jpg

UxF50086V (available until December 2017)

Control System


  • Microprocessor Control System with Touchpad Data Entry and Digital Display
  • Key Operated Switch - For main power and alarm
  • Independent Operating Temperature with High / Low Limit Alarm - Functions with factory set defaults for quick start up


Electrical System


  • On Board Power Monitoring - Provides digital readout of incoming line voltage
  • Optional Free-Standing Surge Suppressor - Minimizes the effect of voltage spikes from incoming electrical service


Alarm System


  • A.I.M. ( Automatic Incident Monitor ) - Identifies any temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints with rapid flash for current event or slow flash if event was self-corrected. A.I.M. archives most deviated temperature
  • Adjustable Safety Alarm with Battery Backup - An automatic, continuous charge backup provides full alarm function in case of power failure
  • Power failure or temperature deviation triggers audible and visual warning
  • Digital Battery Indicator - Displays battery capacity with a flashing low battery indicator
  • Touchpad Alarm Test Function - Warms internal probe to simulate alarm condition
  • RS-232 Data Port with System Software Package
  • Exterior Alarm Contacts - Used to connect to remote monitoring system


Monitoring System


  • Voltage Boost Indicator - Advises of low source voltage below safe parameters and indicates voltage boost system is activated
  • Clean Filter Indicator Light - Advises when to remove and wash condenser filter


Additional Features


  • Legaci Refrigeration System with Fully Integrated Cooling Technology for Ultra-Low Temperature Use
  • 5 Inner Doors - Creates 5 interior compartments for convenient and organized storage, keeping ambient thermal exposure to a minimum by allowing access to one compartment at a time
  • High Quality Construction and Efficiency - Tolerates heavy traffic in and out of freezer, recurring voltage fluctuations, and high ambient temperatures
  • Cryolatch - Integrated door handle and latch for one-hand operation includes a built-in key lock and is padlock compatible
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet with High Impact Powder Paint Finish
  • Rounded Interior Corners - Makes the freezer easy to clean
  • Minimum 5" Foamed in Place Urethane Insulation - Closed-cell, CFC-free, to protect product against high ambient conditions
  • 1" Diameter Access Port - For easy access through the wall
  • Remote Alarm Contacts - Provide a physical connection to an optional external alarm / monitoring system
  • Specifically designed and tested to operate in a rugged laboratory environment without exceeding parameters of any sub-component within the system




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Product Info

682 liters

Product specifications

Exterior depth
955 mm
Exterior width
965 mm
Exterior height
1981 mm
Shippingweight Gross
355 kg
Temperature Range
-86 C
Interior depth
719 mm
Interior width
730 mm
Interior height
1301 mm
Electrical voltage
Shelves: Full
Shelves: Half
2" Box Capacity
Holds 500 boxes