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Preset temperature at -30 C
Automatic condensate removal and defrost, with sensor that automatically initiates defrost cycle on demand, eliminating need for a defrost timer, minimizing frost buildup and optimizing coil efficiency
Positive airflow systems

Microprocessor Control

Simplifies operation, delivers greater accuracy
Icon-based controls and displays
Preset temperature setpoint
Graphic thermometer is steady green when temperature is normal; flashes top bar for overtemperature, bulb for undertemperature
Large, easy-to-read digital display shows temperature within 1 C
Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature or power failure
Key-operated OFF/ON/ALARM ON master switch for setpoint security
Pushbutton alarm test
Remote alarm contacts
Alarm silence, ringback and auto reset
Controller battery backup system


Cold-rolled steel cabinet surfaces finished with high-impact powder paint coating
One solid door, hinged on right
Full-length door handles
Adjustable leveling feet
High-density, CFC-free urethane foam insulation protects cabinet interior from ambient temperature fluctuations, minimizes operating costs
Positive, forced-air circulation maintains uniformity at all shelf levels
Directional airflow assures quick recovery after door openings
Heavy-duty, hermetically sealed compressor
CFC-free refrigerant
Includes a 6 in. (15.2cm) 7-day circular chart temperature recorder and extra-long probe for manual alarm testing.


  • Meets UL, CUL, and CE requirements; TUV criteria; AABB, ANRC, and FDA guidelines
  • Setpoint Security: Key-operated triple position switch for main power and alarm; locks in temperature and alarm setpoints to minimize setpoint error and prevent tampering
  • Power Failure Icon: Illuminated when main power is interrupted
  • Service Required: Illuminated when controller is in programming mode, or if simulated warm or cold conditions fail to occur during alarm test function
  • Touchpad Data Entry: Increases or decreases setpoint values in programming mode
  • Audible Alarm: Audible and visual indicators are activated in the event of warm, cold or power loss conditions. Mute will silence audible alarm with 6 minute ring back interval; display remains flashing
  • Touchpad Scan: Changes main display; also used to access various programming and service functions (alarm mute, recall 6 minutes)
  • Alarm Test: Pressing "up" and "scan" buttons creates simulated overtemperature and undertemperature condition and activates audible and visual alarms; display flashes momentarily when test is complete
  • Battery Backup: Continuous charge provides full alarm function in case of power failure. Low Battery Alarm Illuminated when the alarm system battery backup charge is low
  • Digital Display: Resolution to within 0.1 C, indicates cabinet temperature during normal operation, flashes during alarm condition or setpoint adjustment, displays other values with touchpad sequence
  • Door Ajar: Illuminated when door is left open and alarm is in "active" mode.
  • Graphic Thermometer: Easy to view, shows normal, high or low temperature condition; steady green for normal, flashing top bar for overtemperature, flashing bulb for undertemperatur


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Product Info

Product type
826 liters

Product specifications

Exterior depth
910 mm
Exterior width
870 mm
Exterior height
1970 mm
Shippingweight Gross
263 kg
single, solid
Temperature Range
-30° C
Interior depth
730 mm
Interior width
760 mm
Interior height
1470 mm
Electrical voltage
Shelves: Full
Shelves: Half